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Donald Trump: the albatros of the GOP

Posted on May 11, 2016 at 6:30 PM

Donald Trump: the albatross of the GOP


By Gilbert Creutzberg



I’ve always voted Democrat, so therefore I shouldn’t have to care if this man named Donald Trump is doing irreparable damage to a very essential system of government in a country where I live and of which I became a citizen in 1971. But I do care, because the country where I was born, Holland, officially known as The Netherlands, was occupied for five years by Hitler’s Nazi regime. Hitler was democratically elected but turned into a tyrant of the worst sort. I see the handwriting on the wall, and I am dead-serious.

I wrote a book, titled “The Mosaic,” that deals with my teenage years during the Nazi occupation. It tells how a 12 year old Jewish boy who shared the school bench with me died when his whole family committed suicide. They had apparently read Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” and they knew what was in store for them. Hitler also ordered that the Atlantik Wall be build in Holland. That meant that the church where my father had been the minister for twenty years was destroyed by order of the Nazi’s. Few people in the USA have a clear idea what it means to be occupied, much less what it means to loose freedoms that we take for granted.

Why do I even mention Hitler when I want to talk about Donald Trump? It’s because I see scary similarities. My guru and group therapist, the late Alec Rubin, whom I mention in my book, said once, “I’d like to have met Hitler and learn of his pain.” Jewish people know that Hitler is not dead.

I see the venomous anger pouring out of Trump. I don’t see humor. The wall that Trump wants to see being built between the USA and Mexico is much like Hitler’s insane idea of the Atlantik Wall, one of his grandiose pet-projects. That wall has been, for the most part, destroyed and some bunkers remain, also in Holland, to remind us of the lunacy of a man who was obsessed with the need for power.

What are the alternatives? In college, we had to learn, among other things, “conflict solving.” You bring both parties together, you discuss problems, and you formulate a mutual strategy to solve them. People in charge list down grievances and check alternatives how to deal with problems. Every college kid will understand that. Yes, it takes time and patience, but the different parties sit down and work out a plan both agree on. They may not succeed the first time, or the second time, but it’s a lot better than to round up illegal refugees by the millions, with children and without food and lodging.

Does Trump really for a minute believe that the idea of a wall to mark the border between the USA and Mexico will improve relationships between the bordering countries? And does he believe himself when he says, “We’ll build the wall, but you’ll pay for it!” Does he really believe that such statements will improve relationships between the USA and its neighbors?

I believe in building bridges, not in walls. Trump had nothing but denigrating remarks for Pope Francis, who was trying, on his trip to Mexico, to do just that: building friendship and healing between people. Trump’s approach to people with a different background, culture, values, history, and living standards consists of sniding remarks that are supposed to be clever.

Nixon was a statesman. OK, let’s not forget that he resigned, (“mistakes were made”;) but history will remember him more as the one who opened relations with China. He didn’t do that with threats and intimidations. Nixon was a statesman. Years later, after his death, John Adams composed an opera, called “Nixon in China.” Does anyone think there is a ghost of a chance to hear of “Trump in China?”.

Trump keeps blasting, with unmitigated fury, that China is the one who should be punished for doing business with the USA and making money. Trump is a business man and should know that when you can get a better price across the street you go across the street. Shopping for house cleaning items, I go to the Chinese 99c store close to where I live. Trump is a good business man, so he’ll probably do the same. Is that a reason to hold tirades against the Chinese government? Aren’t the Chinese people living on the same globe as we do?

Talking about economics: Trump’s supporters, I understand, are, for a large part, white men, who worked in industries that have lost money, for instance the coal industry. It’s funny, but you NEVER hear Trump talk about the environment and global warming. For him, that’s a strictly taboo subject. He probably realizes that there are lots of scientists who have more under the cap than Donald Trump, and that they had to do research work for years before they would come out with irrefutable data.

We must be glad that we are shifting slowly but surely to clean energy resources and that we begin to rely more on wind power rather than on coal. It’s an inevitable process. I quite agree that our government should help people who have lost their jobs due to changes on this earth that affect all of us, but that’s no reason to get angry at the government, or, specifically, at Obama. You can actually hear some angry whites think, “He’s black and he’s behind all that.” The fact is that there are industries that have become obsolete, and that has nothing to do with who occupies the White House.

Presidents, in general, have little or nothing to do with the economy. Stock markets go up and down regardless. Obama, at one point, had to deal with a 10% unemployment figure, for which he, of course, was getting all the blame. That figure is now down to a reasonable 5%, for which Obama probably would like to receive credit, but which is related to normal stock market fluctuations.

That some industries will not recover after a market decline is to be expected. The automobile industry is a prime example. Detroit went under because it couldn’t compete against Japan’s Toyota and Honda. Why? I personally think it might have been caused by unions competing with unrealistically high wages and eventually suffering bankruptcy. Why should the USA government bail out an industry whose time has come and whose time has gone? Obama did his best, but let’s face it: the days that the USA was numero uno are gone. Too many people in the USA are getting obese and prefer to watch TV all day.

Talking about TV: It’s interesting when one looks at reportage of Trump that few black people, if any, are in the audience. That’s not so cool for somebody who wants to represent the American people in all their diversity. How utterly boring would it be to live in a homogeneous society. I personally think we can learn from one another and appreciate our differences, including different skin color, dress, language, food, culture, religion and life style.

It is a shame that our prison system feeds into everything that is supported by people like Trump. He threatened women (and/or their doctors) with “punishment” for abortion, if he would become president. That would fill the jails and prisons up even more. We already have five times the amount of prisoners more than other prisons in this world, and the USA prisons have proportionally more blacks and Hispanics..

Does Trump really think that his empty slogans, his bitter, humorless remarks, and his nasty, unprofessional name-calling do anything to inspire confidence other than to a group of people who blame the first African-American president for everything.

To me, Barack Obama has been the greatest president in my lifetime. He has style, intelligence, wisdom, and he relates to people. Years ago, I saw Obama on TV was with friends playing basketball, and he had to throw the ball in the net from a considerable distance. He made the shot and you should have seen that smile!

Obama was able to push Obamacare through with the narrowest margin, in a country that is painfully behind other countries on this earth with far better medical coverage systems.

Money is Trump’s favorite subject. He earned most of it with the casino business. Of course, it’s legal. He made millions because of people’s addiction to gambling, and with the knowledge that casinos have highly sophisticated computers that calculate to make sure the casino never looses.

Fortunately, other persons within the Republican party are not as stupid as to take a chance with Donald Trump. They know that the prospects of a president Trump will not turn out to be a picnic. In fact, it has been an albatross around the neck of the GOP all along. I tell myself, why should I care? But then, I must care. I live here. This is my country, better yet: this is my planet Earth. My advise; let’s put the Donald in the pasture. Maybe inhabitants elsewhere in the universe are watching us to see if we will learn to live together. .



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