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How does it feel to be profiled?

Posted on November 23, 2013 at 1:25 PM


 I got caught in a strange, unusual situation today. I had bought a birthday present for a good friend whom I have known for ten years. We were driving in my car on Jerome Avenue in the Bronx, and suddenly we were surrounded by three plainclothes police officers. My first thought was that I had committed some traffic offense, but no, they asked me, “What are you doing here? Who is he? How long have you know him? Where did you meet him? Do you have drugs on you? Why did you go shopping here and not where you live?”

I identified myself as an 84 old man, working part-time as a certified mental health counselor. I thought the entire episode would appear comical, were it not so boldly offensive, since the questions were obviously off the wall and based on my highly suspicious companionship with a Hispanic person. I pointed out to the officer that he was wasting his time, and he finally relented.

There seems to be no good reason why New Yorkers, especially those of mixed racial ancestry, should have to suffer an illegal grilling, based on the color of one’s skin, hair style, clothes, tattoes and all the other things written, presumably, in the manual for professional police officers.

It’s about time we’ll have a fresh wind coming our way with Bill de Blasio and his family. We anticipate a police force without unnecessary profiling.




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