Archery on Gil's Land Archery on Gil's Land Efrain's sons, Justin and Jacob First lesson in archery. How do you do that? 199223863 Efrain is a good archer Listen and pay attention. You'll need patience and respect. 199223867 Teaching an ancient art Archery started in Asia and found its way to the Americas. The original population of the Indians in the Caribbean - Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic - knew archery.. 199223865 Zen in the Art of Archery That's the title of a book written in 1953 by Eugen Herrigel. In essence, learning the art of archery is a spiritual experience. 199223862 Target practice It may be a long time before you hit target, but that's not important. Like anything you want to learn, like a playing a piece of music, like developing a sport skill, you have to become one - mind, body and soul. 199223864 Efrain the Archer The use of bow and arrow requires excellent eye-hand coordination, and maybe more: a genetic disposition, acquired from ancestors who needed the skill for survival. 199223866 Gil on Gil's Land I'm happy to share my land with my friends. 199223861